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06/27/21 10:21 PM #9694    


James (Jim) Rookus

WOW MARVE... Quite the project!  Didn't anyone tell you how old we all are? Where do you get all the energy to do all the projects you do?  Looks amazing.  You mentioned already had taken a few cruises.  How does it propel itstelf out on the lake?  Is it towed by your pontoon?  How do you keep all the old unballanced seniors from falling off during the cruising?  

06/29/21 01:03 PM #9695    


Terry (Max) Maxwell

Very nice Mr. Theobald... It looks MARVelous!!!
Will be out sometime to take a cruise on the lake.  

06/29/21 03:12 PM #9696    


Sandra Jeakins (Singletary Sizemore)

That was a good way to describe the TekI Bar, Terry!!  ha-ha  I also agree with others about it needing a railing.   I also wonder where you get all your energy from.  But I'm happy for you that you have it.    It is really nice, Marvin.  And one of its kind, I'm sure, on the your lake.

06/29/21 03:41 PM #9697    


David Long


I'm certain that is a welcome addition to the lake and during the big day when all the pontoon boats tie up for the party, yours will be the only one with a thatch roof for shade.  Are the solar panels in the roof to drive the motor for the boat or are you using the ram jet engine? 

Should be a fast spin around the lake.  Where do you keep the fish that you catch?  Hope to stick my foot in the water soon.


07/01/21 04:20 PM #9698    

Linda Bristow (Elias)

Hey you all.........

I just saw where McLean County was declared a disaster area from heavy rain of 4-7 inches in one day!

Is FEMA coming in to help?

Good luck to everyone!


07/04/21 11:53 AM #9699    


Terry (Max) Maxwell



07/05/21 10:00 AM #9700    


David Long

A belated Happy 4th of July to all!  Hope it was safe and enjoyable.  To all my Vietnam friends, hope it wasn't too painful with the fireworks.

07/05/21 10:01 AM #9701    


David Long


How as the flotilla?  Pictures?

07/08/21 11:36 AM #9702    

Linda Bristow (Elias)


It has been a month since I last checked on you.  Have you progressed to a better stage of your dental adventure yet?

Hope all is well!


07/09/21 10:45 AM #9703    


Marvin Theobald

Greetings Raiders - Hope you all had a fantastic 4th celebration. Thanks for all of the comments on the floating tiki bar.

Jim R. -  It is propelled by a 24 volt 70 lb thrust electric trolling motor which is a little undersized but was given to me. It is adequate for cruising the lake but a significant wind while cruising could be a problem. Just have to go out on calm days. I had old people (our classmates) on it Wednesday and no one felt at risk of falling off. Don't want railing. Of the 8 sides, 1 has the motor and batteries, 1 has a ladder for getting in and out of the water, 2 have anchor support posts and the other 4 sides have cleats for pontoon boats to tie up. Also, people like sitting on the edge and dangling their feet in the water. Another benefit of no railing is, if someone has too much drink they hopefully will fall off surprise.

Dave L. - Flotilla (our annual 4th of July lake event) was great fun. I had an open house on the pon-tiki, grilling hot dogs and provided chips, snacks, cookies, beer, soft drinks, iced tea and water. Had 80 - 100 guests through the day. Everyone loves the pon-tiki. Have had several requests to either build one or give first dibs if I ever decide to sell it. Did not get any pics at flotilla but will include a couple onthe 5th at the end.

In response to Max and Dave - By all means please plan to come out and join me for a ride. My house is your house anytime.

We had our annual Class of 64 Planning Committee meeting and potluck cookout at my house Wednesday with 11 classmates and 2 spouses in attendance. Very fun time getting to finally get time with everyone after the COVID concerns and, as usual, we had plenty of great food. Judy, Madelon and Pam were the only ones that stayed for a pon-tiki cruise around the lake.

Here is wishing you all a great rest of your summer. Enjoy and come join us at Gill Street Aug 7.

(Front) Sandy, Liz, Diane, (Back) Mike, Jack, Mary, Steve, Pam (sitting), Marvin, Judy and Madelon July 7

July 5

Judy and friend Jen on July 5

07/09/21 12:11 PM #9704    


Marvin Theobald

Mini-Reunion Update

A December mini-reunion is now officially scheduled for December 4, 6:00 pm at the Ozark House in Bloomington. Hope to see all of your smiling faces August 7 at Gill Street and at the Ozark House in December.

07/09/21 03:11 PM #9705    

Linda Bristow (Elias)

Steve Frankeberger:

Before you moved in on E. Washington, next door to your house was a large old home without paint.  The neighborhood called it the witch's house.  It had to have been built in the early 1800's.  They tore down the house after the old lady who lived there died.  They then built 2 smaller brick houses.

Do you have any idea of the name of the people who owned the old house?

Hope all is well, happy, and healthy with you.

Love ya, Linda Bristow Elias

07/09/21 03:34 PM #9706    


Steve Frankeberger


When I moved to E. Washington St the two newer homes were already there.  Sorry, I'm not much help. That was so long ago, I'm lucky to remember the two newer homes.


07/11/21 11:08 PM #9707    


Melvin (Mel) Theobald


As I've said before, there are others who have much more serious issues to deal with than I do. My dental work is about 50% over with. I still have six original teeth and have been given temporary upper and lower partials that make me look more like George Clooney than Marv. My dentist gives me twenty-five cents for every tooth pulled. When he replaced them, I called my granddaughter to ask, "Do I have to give the money back to the tooth fairy?" After a few seconds thinking about it, she replied, "No, I think you can keep it. It's OK." What a load off my mind.

All is good. Hope everyone of you are doing well and I'm trying to schedule a ride on Marv's Tiki Bar.

Cheers to you and all our Raiders64 classmates. Love to all.

07/12/21 10:29 PM #9708    


Terry (Max) Maxwell


Glad to hear you are doing well.  
I'm thinking if it is a Tiki Bar/Pontoon wouldn't we shorten that to "Tikitoon"?

07/12/21 11:21 PM #9709    

Linda Bristow (Elias)

Cheryl McLay:

El Paso is receiving smoke, as part of our particulate matter, from fires out in California.  Are you also experiencing the same in Tucson?

Love ya, Linda

07/21/21 09:23 AM #9710    

Linda Bristow (Elias)


Have any of our class experienced flooding lately?


07/22/21 03:37 PM #9711    


Marvin Theobald


The August 7, 2021 mini-reunion location has been changed to Cheeks

Due to our larger than previously expected turn out and Gill Street's limited staffing because of COVID issues the regular menu food service options were beyond what could be managed. The Planning Committee made the decision to change to Cheeks where our food interests were able to be accommodated. As of now 42 people are planning to be there and 5 -10 more are possibles. Should be a great time.

07/23/21 09:49 AM #9712    


David Long

Just a thought for the MINI REUNION.  

I'm going to bring my Raiders yearbook and hope to get some additional comments and signatures.  I think it will be interesting for the grandkids to look at in coming years - or even the Great Grandkids for those of you that have or will have, before the Last Big Event in our lives happen.  

Dorothy and I are driving over from Kansas - a 7-hour drive - and not to shame anyone into coming, but I bet there are some a lot closer that haven't yet decided to attend for whom distance is now not a valid excuse.

Looking forward to seeing everyone.

07/31/21 11:12 AM #9713    


Marvin Theobald

Facts regarding our website usage. Sadly, postings have been very slow in recent weeks. As our Site Administrator I have access to statistical data that is automatically recorded by Class Creator software. During the month of July the site has been visited 2,164 times (does not count multiple visits by the same person in a single day) averaging 70 visits per day. There were 101 logins by 27 different people averaging 3.25 per day. During July there have been 15 Message Forum postings by 6 people.

Let us hear from you. Tell us what you have been up to, what your interests are, what makes you happy, what is your favorite food, what your memories are from school days or anything else that you might like to share with your old friends. Based on the number of visitors, assumed to be mostly classmates, there appears to be a significant interest in the few postings that have been shared. If you need help logging in, contact me and I will gladly assist you. Remember the Aug 7 mini-reunion at Cheeks.

07/31/21 11:52 AM #9714    


Marvin Theobald

As for what I have been up to - I have always had a special appreciation for old ships wheels. A few weeks ago I obtained one that is an original off of what was probably a fairly large old ship. Below is a pic of the original which is about 45" in diameter.

Since getting the original, I studied how it was constructed, measured it and attempted to make a replica. The replica does not have the steel center hub or reinforcement ring. The replica is black walnut with 2 coats of marine grade varnish. Below is a series of pics that will give some idea of how it was made. Now I need to figure out what to do with it. I am thinking about hanging it overhead in the floating tiki bar.

07/31/21 02:05 PM #9715    


David Long

That is a beautiful reproduction Marv!  You are truly a skilled craftsman.


To all my friends planning on attending the Mini next week.  Dorothy and I were going to be there, but alas the new outbreak of the Delta Variant of COVID is sideling me.

While serving in Vietnam I was exposed to Agent Orange.  This happened on both my 1st and 2nd tours where I was actually sprayed with the stuff.  It felt kind of oilily but other than that, no immediate reaction.  Anyway, I have developed an aortic aneurysm from that exposure. which would be very problematic should I contract COVID and have to be on a ventilator. Just as a precaution, Dorothy and I are once again kind of hunkering down to eliminate potential exposure.  We will definitely miss seeing everyone smiling faces.  Have a wonderful time and we hope to see you in December.

I was thinking about attracting some additional comments on our website.

Let's start with something simple:

Starting with our graduation in 1964, give the class a quick note of the best things you experienced in each decade e.g. '64 - '74; '74 - '84;'84 - '94; '94 - '04; '04 - '14; '14 - Today.

When we're done with this topic, let's start over with what you did that you wish you had done differently.

Then we can move on to the places you've visited that you'd visit again or perhaps a trip you've taken you like to take again.

There has to be something out there that will inspire us to keep on keeping in touch!

All the best to all my friends, from the Gray Haired Old Guy with One Leg!  

Semper Fidelis - Fortes Fortuna Juvat 

07/31/21 02:42 PM #9716    


Terry (Max) Maxwell

Marvin...  Your replica of the ship's wheel is awesome!  You definitely have great woodworking skills.  You've proven that many times over in the pieces that you produce.

Dave...  I'm sorry that you and Dorothy will be unable to attend the mini-reunion next week.  Better that you stay safe in Kansas than risk being out in a crowd.  Maybe things will calm down by December.

07/31/21 04:55 PM #9717    


Sandra Jeakins (Singletary Sizemore)

Marvin, beautiful work on the ship's wheel as usual.  You are very talented.

David, sorry to hear you and your wife won't be there next Saturday, but I understand.  No need to take any chances.  Hopefully, things will be better by December.

08/01/21 04:23 PM #9718    

David Brock

Just a couple of comments from my my past.  If pushed, I suppose I could fill several pages.  The Lord has blessed me and the family way more than I am worthy.  This week Sandy and I are celebrating our 50th anniversary.  Ove the past several months we have sold our home in Edwardsville, Il., and moved to Missouri  We are not too far from 6 Flags Park west of St. Louis.  We are adjusting and unpacking boxes (probably will be for a while).  We miss the tax burden like a bad headache.  Best wishes to all.

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