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09/23/21 03:47 PM #9805    


Allida Frisch (Altemus)

So glad you are home Boo. Hope you are feeling more comfortable getting around on your own.

Suzi please be careful. Hopefully no more falls for you and that your rehab is going well. How is your back pain?

Alan I also hope your recovery is going smoothly.

09/26/21 09:36 AM #9806    

Linda Bristow (Elias)


How are you doing today?  Here's hoping you're healing well and not bouncing off of the floor anymore!

Love ya, Linda

09/27/21 09:26 PM #9807    


Regina (Sue) Petersen (Koppenhoefer)

A mini-mini reunion today -- Madelon Henderson Newsom, (Regina) Sue Petersen Koppenhoefer, Sandy Jeakins Sizemore, and Pam Hohnstreiter met for lunch on a very windy day at Red Dog Grill near Ottawa, IL on an Illinois River inlet.


09/28/21 08:26 AM #9808    

Linda Bristow (Elias)

Ladies: You look wonderful!  Hope that you all had a good time and good food!

Love ya, Linda

09/28/21 11:53 AM #9809    


Marvin Theobald

Nice to see a photo of such fine group of class representatives. I am sure you had a great time. Thanks for sharing.

Boo and Suzi - I am so happy that you both finally made it home from your painful ordeals. Take it easy. We don't not need any more excitement. Take care!

09/28/21 03:10 PM #9810    


Sandra Jeakins (Singletary Sizemore)

We did have a great time with Sue.  Sue and I have known each other since Bent Grade School.  We visited in her beautiful home and looked at all her beautiful items she has displayed.  We did have a very good lunch and then went back to Sue's and visited some more.  It was a great day and we hope to do it again before Winter.

Boo and Suzi:  glad to hear you are both doing much better.  Hoping you over the hump and heading for better days ahead.



09/28/21 08:47 PM #9811    


Allida Frisch (Altemus)

Madelon, Sue, Sandy and Pam you all look great! Sounds like you had a lot of fun. Good to “see” you.

09/29/21 10:31 PM #9812    

Linda Bristow (Elias)


You are quiet.  Are you doing ok?  Just checking on you.  Have you been getting any close-up looks at the floor lately?  I pray.......not!

Love ya, Linda

10/02/21 10:39 AM #9813    

David Brock

Dick Briggs--Early Happy Birthday and many more

10/02/21 04:03 PM #9814    


Karen Sue (Suzi) Denton (Merritt)

I'm still kicking.    I've had several tests lately and I'm tired of them.  The therapist tried to draw some blood and I have rolling and thin veins.  She had no luck so she sent out a guy to try and he had no luck either.  My poor arm looks like someone took target practice.

 I have around two to three weeks left of therapy.


I hope Alan and Boo are doing great!

love you guys.



10/03/21 09:08 AM #9815    


Richard (Dick) Briggs

Thanks Dave.

It has been an interesting summer, health wise.

Every Monday morning, I get together with a group of veterans and retirees from State Farm.  Well, on May 24th, it was my turn to bring donuts.  We used to meet at Panera's in Normal.  If you visit it, we have a large group picture hanging in the rear area.  But with COVID-19, we are meeting in Heyworth at a WWII vets house.

As I was eating my donut, I turned to one of the guys and said I have a pain in my lower right back/hip area.  Being the tough Marine, I got up to walk it off.  Didn't work, so I told the group I'm going to head home.  By the time I got to my car to put the chair in the trunk, I got very nauseous.  Actually, I lost my donut.  Glad it wasn't a Long John.

While I was rolling around in the grass, saying give me a minute, the group was in the garage doing "Dr. Google".  "Briggs, you are having an appendecitis attack.  We are taking you to the ER."  How can you argue with a bunch of vets?

Once at the ER, they asked for my symptoms.  Told me it was probably a kidney stone and needed tests to confirm.  When they told me the results of the CT scan, they confirmed that it was a kidney stone.  "But, has anyone mentioned to you about a large mass in your abdominal area"?    Me:  "A What?, Where!!!"

Sir, you have a large abdominal aortic anuernysm (AAA) (Dave Long - sound familiar?).  Had to get an additional CT with more contrast.  I was in the cardiovasulcar surgeon's office the next day (Tuesday) and scheduled for June 6th.  On Thursday, I met with the kidney specialist.  He wanted to remove the stone ASAP before the AAA.  "Whoaa" said my cardiologist.  He needs a stress test before anyone does anything. 

Well, I had the chemical stress test and failed.  Hmmm, let's try putting some stents in.  Off to the stent procedure.  Couldn't put stents in.  Needs 3 bypass surgery.

Got to get the kidney stone first.  Don't want to have a kidney stone attack while recovering from open heart surgery.  So off to the surgery for the kidney stone.  They couldn't find it.  Said I must have passed it.  Anyone here pass a stone and NOT KNOW IT?

So, on July 12th, I was ready for my 3 bypasses.  Woke up with 4.  Off to cardio rehab.  

On September 23rd, I finally got the AAA fixed.  I restart rehab next week.

With all the surgeries, I had no stiches and no pain except in the leg where they remove the vein for the bypass.

During this whole time, I felt like a Clydesdale horse pulling a Budweiser 18 wheeler with 17 flat tires.  That is, I felt healthy as a horse, but everything else wasn't working.  I had no symptoms until the kidney stone pain.  So, the stone and my friends pushing me to the ER probably saved my life.  I was a ticking time bomb.

The CT told everything.  Guys, get a CT scan and stress test.

I will definetly enjoy this birthday and hopefull, many more.  I am having great recovery time, thanks to my nurse, Dicksie.

I do monitor the site almost daily.



10/03/21 03:01 PM #9816    

Linda Bristow (Elias)

Dicksie:  So now that  you're a nurse as a side act, remind him how lucky he is to have a nurse who loves him!  Good luck to both of you.

Go with Grace and be thankful daily!  Some people believe that everything, that you went through, saved you by accidental happenings.  Hmmmmmmmm.  Maybe it was a plan beyond us.

Blessings to you both!

Love ya, Linda

10/03/21 08:05 PM #9817    

David Brock

Dick--Some might call it a 'God Wink'.  Sometimes strange things happen without reason.  Glad you are on the mend.

10/05/21 07:39 PM #9818    


Allida Frisch (Altemus)

Happy Birthday Dick.  You have had quite a summer. Glad you are feeling better and hope the rest of physical therapy goes well. Please tell Dicksie hi.

10/06/21 08:14 AM #9819    

Linda Bristow (Elias)


Sorry to hear the blood tests didn't come out well!  ARE you feeling better, stronger, etc?  I'm happy to hear that you aren't checking out the floor any more. Is Dave feeling well too?  Hope so.

You all have really been through some difficult times.  Now, its time to work towards having 'happy feet' and get ready to dance through life!  Enough is enough, right?

Every day when I dream of fudge.....I think of you Suzi! 

Have a great day!

Love ya, Linda

10/11/21 05:49 PM #9820    

Linda Bristow (Elias)

Hey Suzi:

You haven't posted for about a week.  I hope everything is ok with you and Dave!

Let us hear from you, please.

Love ya, Linda

10/16/21 11:01 AM #9821    

Linda Bristow (Elias)

I called Suzi yesterday and left a message for her.  I'm beginning to get concerned that she isn't in contact with us.  Does anyone know anything new about her and Dave?


10/16/21 01:09 PM #9822    

Linda Bristow (Elias)

Suzi called back this morning.  She said to let you know she hasn't felt like getting on the website right now.   Soon she will be starting new physical therapy and hopes to be feeling better soon.  When she feels better she will be back on this site.


10/17/21 10:03 AM #9823    


David Long


Your prayers are needed for our friend Terry (Max) Maxwell!

It is with profound sadness that I send this message.  I've been in close contact with Max's wife, Sue, over the last couple of days and have learned that Max has been moved to a Hospice facility.  I know that many of you might wish to jump in a car and head to Wisconsin, as I did, but Sue has said that Max's condition precludes any visits.  Max is unresponsive.

Please keep Max in your prayers!  

I will provide updates as I receive them.

Love to all.


10/17/21 12:13 PM #9824    


Allida Frisch (Altemus)

Dave, the news about Max stunned me! I had no idea he was ill.

Linda, thank you for the update on Suzi. Continued prayers for both Max and Suzi and their families.

10/17/21 12:34 PM #9825    

Linda Bristow (Elias)

Thank you Dave.  I will dwell on prayers for Maxwell!

Love ya, Linda

10/17/21 03:42 PM #9826    


Sandra Jeakins (Singletary Sizemore)

David,   Thank you for the update for Max.  I had no idea he was sick, either.  He sat with us for a short time at the last mini-reunion and we enjoyed some good conversation with him.   I will most certainly keep him and his family in my prayers.   As I have Suzi, Terri, Alan, Dick, and others who are having problems, even if I don't know the names, God knows them.

Thank you for keeping us updated. 

Hope you are doing well, too.

10/17/21 05:40 PM #9827    


Karen Sue (Suzi) Denton (Merritt)

So sorry to hear about Terry Maxwell.  I will add him to my prayers.

What is going on with our class?  Seems like every week someone else is ill.

I'm glad we get together several times a year.  I sure hope this is the end of the illnesses this year.

 I really appreciate the prayers for my recovery.  Prayers do help.

I love πŸ’— you all


10/19/21 03:16 PM #9828    

David Brock

I don't usually 'wax poetic or philosophically', but I will today.  According to the Bible (Psalm 90: 10), man is accorded 70 years, or maybe 80 for life. We can pick up the daily paper and read the obits and see people dying at 35, 43, 52 or anything less than 75.  I just look and think that thosr were good years, and that I am grateful to be able to look--and then forward to another day--I got up and saw the green side of the grass.  I know the good Lord has blessed me time and again,and life is fragile.  Several of us have experienced challenges that remind us we aren't 35 anymore.  Healing seems to take forever.  We all have experiences that remind us 'Getting old  isn't for sissies'.  My best advice is to treat each day as though it was our last--we ar not in charge of our days on earth--and then again the Lord could come again--and it won't make much difference.  Have a blessed day!!  

10/19/21 05:20 PM #9829    


James (Jim) Rookus

Amen !!! DaveB .... I haven't been on site much in past 6 weeks .... had best friends (Patti was maid of honor in our wedding) her and husband killed instantly 8/30 when broadsided by a drunk driver! A blessing they met their Lord and Savior together!  We can't imagine how either one would have gotten along without the other! Then a vibrant close friend passed away 2 weeks ago from what seemed a mild case of COVID!  Reminders of how we never know when God will take us!  Hug your honies, kids and grand kids as often as possible and be thankful for each minute of breath!  I have been remembering Suzi and Boo in my prayers and thankful to see both are on the mend !  So saddened to read DaveL's report of Max!  Not sure if I missed a post about him but don't know what is the situation, but praying for him and for his family!  I really do feel close and connected to ya'll from miles away!  DickB glad you made it through the by passes.  My quadruple bypasses from 23.5 years ago still working as am still here and kicking .... just not as high of a kick anymore!  Love & hugs to all !!!

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