55th Reunion Pics

Names are below each photo and are from left to right. Hopefully no one will object, but ladies maiden names are shown for simplicity.

Sandy Jeakins, Sharon Green and Liz Spillman

Ron Darnall (Susan Van Hook's husband) and Mary Giermann

Ken Lehr, Allida Frisch, Madelon Henderson and Jim Altemus

Sharon Green and Steve Jetton

Sandra and Barry Ehrman

Linda Nafziger (Dave's wife), Susan Van Hook, Mike mink and Dave Nafziger

Allida Frisch and Sue Denton

Judy Walker

Barry Ehrman and Judy Walker

Rich Crusius, Rod Hayes, Ed Buis, Jack Keefe, Patti Miller and Clayton James

Rita Moore, Marsh Hutson, Sue McGinnis and Jydy Tynan

Diane Gardner, Mel Theobald and Patti Hocenic

Jim Ogan (not Ogden)

Jack Habich proxy

Sandy Jeakins, Liz Spillman and Sharon Green

Mrs Carla Smith, Judy Winquist and Madelon Henderson

Dave Holt with Gwen and Chuck Yurieci

Sandy Holt (Dave's wife) with Rich and Karen Crusius

Wendy Meyer (right) with guest Juanita Nesby (Wendy's step-daughter)

Garth and Debbie Golden

Mary and Mike Mink

Barry and Sandra Ehrman

Linda and Dave Nafziger

Cheryl and Rod Hayes with Debbie and Garth Golden

Emmalyn Dickinson and Sandy Holt

Carol Trenary, Diane Gardner, Ed Buis and Patti Miller

Pam and Dwight King

Mel Theobald, Patti Miller, Lamont Woodworth and Ken Lehr

Mel Theobald, Patti Miller, Lamont Woodworth and Ken Lehr

Dennis Alexander

Judy Walker and Carol Trenary

Janet and Jack Keefe

Dianne Shaffer with husband Roger Troxel

Elaine and Steve Jetton

Clayton and Gwen James

Dorothy and Dave Long

Judy Winquist and Emmalyn Dickinson

Susan Van Hook with husband Ron Darnall

Mary Giermann and Sue Leben

Mary Giermann, Sue Leben and Susan Van Hook with husband Ron Darnall

Madelon Henderson

Terri Baxter, Allida Frisch, Colleen Gowl Bess (background), Ron Bess and Ann Bailen

Mrs Carla Smith and Mary Giermann

Mrs Smith listening to a Mary recite a poem she wrote in Mrs Smith's class - Mary's poem was upgraded from an A- to an A+ for still remember it after 55 years

Bill Walton and Garth Golden

Wayne Kearney with Dave and Dorothy Long

Bill Walton and Garth Golden (photo by Clayton)

Ron Bess and Ann Bailen (photo by Clayton)

Colleen Gowl Bess (Ron's wife) and Terri Baxter (photo by Clayton)

Karen Crusius (Rich's wife), Sandy and Dave Holt with Gwen Yurieci (Chuck's wife) (photo by Clayton)

Cheryl and Rod Hayes (photo by Clayton)

Colleen Gowl and Ron Bess with Bill Walton and Wayne Kearney (photo by Clayton)

Celebration cake created by Steve Jetton and Jack Keefe

Another Steve Jetton and Jack Keefe creaton

A glutten free cake for special people

Memorial display observers

Mike Mink, Wayne Kearney, Bill Walton, Dave Long and Steve Jetton

Ron Bess delivering memory talk

Ron Bess in action

Classmates enjoying the event

More classmates 

Still more classmates

Totally focused classmates listening to Ron's talk

Still more classmates

Mary Giermann and Mell Theobald assisting Jack Habich's proxy

Food line in the cafeteria - I mean Michael's

Hungry ladies patiently waiting for thier custom omelets - Patti just can't wait

Diane Garden (front), Sandy Jeakins, Liz Spillman, Ken Lehr, Pat Hocenic and Allida Frisch

Jim Altemus and Madelon Henderson

Dave Holt, Jim Altemus (background), Mary Giermann, Judy Winquist, Elaine and Steve Jetton

Mel Theobald with Jack and Janet Keefe

Allida Frisch and Jim Altemus

Beautiful flower creations by Madelon Henderson and Judy Winquist

More flowers

Another Madelon and Judy creation

And another

Front row - Judy Winquist, Mel Theobald, Max's proxy, Patty Hocenic and Ken Lehr

Back row - Dave Holt, Steve Jetton, Judy Walker, Diane Gardner and Mary Giermann

Front - Mel Theobald, Max's proxy, Liz Spillman

Back row, Ann Bailen, Jack Keefe, Marvin Theobald, Sharon Green, Jim Altemus, Allida Frisch, Madelon Henderson and Sandy Jeakins

After an exhausting weekend Max's proxy needed a little help getting to the car

Max was still smiling even though he had partied a little too much

In special rememberance of Jim Pierce in his last few days - Marvin, Judy and Mel visit

Jim's family, knowing Jim's extere love for fishing, had Jim's ashes placed in this special "Gone Fishin" urn - Jim  would have loved it

Group visiting Jean Holcomb after delivery of reunion flowers - Jean was a 4th grade teacher at Washington School with students Diane Gardner, Dennis Alexander, Carol Teagle, Jane Wettaw, Bob Brannon, Nancy Prillaman, Jeanne Graen, Mary Eisenberg, Ron Schillington, John Schambock, Sally Fox, Dave Uban, Steve Frankenberger, Susan Van Hook, Susan Probasco, Gail Hempstead, Tony Beich, Linda Bristow, Terri Baxter and Jack Keefe 

Diane Gardner with Jean Holcomb