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09/17/20 01:08 PM #9225    


Melvin (Mel) Theobald

09/17/20 08:07 PM #9226    

Linda Bristow (Elias)

Dianne Shaffer:

Did you see that Mike Buckley died Sept. 8?  Does Jeanne know?

Love ya, Linda

09/17/20 09:36 PM #9227    


Steve Jetton

Dick Briggs -

I well remember those visits to Mr. Thompson's office.  I think he just penciled us in on his calendar ahead of time for a regular monthly visit.  One time I was out sick the day he summoned us, so I had to go in byself when I got back to school.  He looks at me - I want to imagine there was a barely suppressed smile on his face - and he says: Well, Steve.  I understand you're the one causing all this trouble.

I don't believe that enlightening lesson was on the 1st or 2nd grade curriculum.

I didn't blame you guys, though.  I'd have done the same thing.  Plus, it was probably true.  At a later point in life I came to the realization that I was an instigator.


09/17/20 10:31 PM #9228    


Melvin (Mel) Theobald


Steve, that sounds like a confession of sorts. But, although you addressed it to Dick, you gave no reference to what the investigation was about, leaving the rest of us in the dark. Do you care to elaborate?

On another front, so glad to hear from Cheryl McLay Kehoe and Terri Troxel. Wow Cheryl. Golfing below par. WOW! I talked to Wendy a couple of days ago and she is also doing fine in the midst of the wildfires out west. We have many other classmates who are in the midst of all that. Would love to hear from them.

OMG, the times we are living in.


09/17/20 11:37 PM #9229    


Larry Cotton

Hi everyone! Thanks for the birthday wishes. I have followed the forum, but have not taken part in a long time. I updated my profile adding kids to my grandkids and great-grandkids. We are now up to 12 grandkids and 12 great-grandkids. I also finally retired from Yosemite National Park two years ago. I guess it was a good decision seeing what is going on now. I feel for all of my friends working there. Waiting for the Covid and the fires to end so we can travel again. I am getting close to ten years as a cancer surviver. My stage 4 colon cancer is gone and I still have 4 small spots left on my stage 4 prostrate cancer. Generic testing showed my cancer was from a gene passed down. I am on my 3rd Kemo pill and have started a shot that will block the cancer from spreading to my bones. It fills in the pits that cancer does to the bones. I have lead a positive attitude life, lots of exercising, hiking. etc. If anyone knows someone with cancer and they are not doing well, I would be happy to share the treatment I have been going thru. Thanks for all of your great posts. I will try to do a better job on the forum. 

09/18/20 01:17 PM #9230    

David Brock

Thanks for birthday greetings.  Followoing are some shots from a trip earlier this summer. Sandy and I went to Door County, Wi.   My recently widowed sister and daughter travelled with us.  Following are a couple of shots.The Light Houses are 2 of the many light houses in Door County on the Lake Michigan shore.  The stained window is in the Door County/Sturgeon Bay Maritime Museum and the deorated 'Cherry
art' was part of the Chamber of Commerce fundraiser.  The fish were one day's catch--Salmon and Trout.

09/18/20 05:06 PM #9231    


Sandra Jeakins (Singletary Sizemore)

Dick, Nice to see you posting.  Keep it up.   It is really something that you and Dicksie have known each other almost your whole lives.  Seems like you two were really born to be together.  I'm sure you guys have thought of that.

Also, it's nice to see some other people posting that haven't for a while.   Welcome back, and keep it up.

Marvin, I hope you are continuing to heal and your therapy is making you stronger.

Mel, do you have an indoor pool you can use over the Winter so you don't lose any of what you have gained all summer?

David B,  I loved the pictures of Door County.   That is a trip I've never made, but have talked about going several times.  My D-I-L loves light houses. The 3 of us have gone to Mackinac Island and had a good time.So maybe, someday we can go to Door County.

09/19/20 12:23 AM #9232    


Melvin (Mel) Theobald

09/19/20 12:33 PM #9233    


Joan Pease (Connor-Clark)

Seeing Cheryl McLay's post the other day made me nostalgic for the 'olden days.' This our homeroom at Bloomington Junior High in 1960. (I may have posted this before, but I am old and forgetful.)

09/21/20 09:14 AM #9234    

David Brock

Sandra J.--Door County would be about 300 miles from Bloomington.  We have found the best way is to go up 51/39 to Rockford then east to Milwaukee, then about an huor north to Door County.  It can be as adventuresome as you want it to be.  It is a bit remote, so don't be surprised if cell service is spotty.

09/21/20 01:28 PM #9235    


Sandra Jeakins (Singletary Sizemore)

David B,  That route sounds good.  Not going near Chicago.   How much time did you actually spend there?   When I was working, I had a patient tell me you can do the county in one day.  You drive up one side and down the other.   I would think how long that takes would depend on how many stops you make to shop, sight see and eat..  Maybe that patient didn't stop much.   Did you take the ferry over to Washington Island?  If you did, did you take your car, also?  Do you think Washington Island is worth going to?

Thank you for all the info.

09/21/20 02:17 PM #9236    


Melvin (Mel) Theobald

09/24/20 09:51 AM #9237    

Linda Bristow (Elias)

Hi everyone!

Next month is coming quickly.  Halloween is in the mind's of children who want to dress up in costumes and get candy.  We lived during such an innocent time...........even if I did throw eggs and tomatoes sometimes.  This year will be so different for the children.  I'm sure many of them will remember the Halloween that Wasn't!  I have just one grandchild who is young enough to participate in the thrill of Halloween.  He is 8 and just wants to be an alien.

He put notes on the front door of houses where children live (on his block).  He wants the neighborhood to put one piece of candy on the front porch of each house with children.  It must be wrapped.  He said he will personally deliver candy to their house in his costume with a mask and gloves.

I'm proud of him for figuring out how to include the other children and make an effort of creating their own Halloween.

I hope your grandchildren have their minds filled with their ideas of fun for Halloween too! (-minus my eggs and tomatoes!)

Love to all,


09/24/20 12:22 PM #9238    


Melvin (Mel) Theobald

09/24/20 09:42 PM #9239    


Melvin (Mel) Theobald

Jim, Max and others who asked, my condo closed the pool 9 days early on Monday. Even so, I swam 40 laps that night in 70 degree water and reached 72 mile. Two miles short of my goal of swimming my age. I drove to Bloomington with my son on Friday and realized that was the same as swimming from Dwight to Chicago. I kept imagining, as I was driving at about 80 miles per hour, myself swimming on the side of the road. Then it hit me how freaking far 72 miles is. So, I'm good with that.

It has been quiet on Raiders64 for a few days. What have you all been doing as we close out the summer? Would love to know.

09/25/20 01:08 AM #9240    


James (Jim) Rookus

MEL ....  I am so proud of you completing 72 miles and especially the finale in the cold waters!  I will consider your mission accomplished... you certainly would have made the goal easily if they would not have messed you up by closing the pool too early!  


Now that summer is over I just lost my part time job as "pool boy" !  Our pool was also just closed and today my sons came over to help put the cover on it!  The next part time job I'm promised is in about 6-8 weeks.... shoveling snow.... can't wait !!!

LINDA.... a really cute idea your grandson came up with.... the little guys are so cute and the things they come up with!  Every Monday and Wednesday we watch our 5 youngest ( 1 yr - 10 yrs) for about 5 hours each day and wow the things they come up with!  Keep us on our toes!!!

09/25/20 06:35 PM #9241    

David Brock

Melvin --Congratson the swimming distance--good job.  A few days ago some were asking about signs of Autumn.  This week I saw 2 Chickadees and a pair of Titmice feeding at the feeder.   They are normally here during the winter months.  I noticed 2 fawns today that had lost almost all of their spots.  They will be 'grey ghosts' shortly.  Thought for the day--'See everything.  Overlook a great deal.  Improve a little.---Pope John XXIII

09/25/20 07:06 PM #9242    

David Brock

Sandra J--Sorry for the delay on Door County.  Drive time from St. Louis area is about 8 1/2 or 9 hours.  We usually have gone  for 4 or 5 days.  Usually 2 days drive time (1 up & 1 back).  That will give you 2 or 3 days to signt see.You can drive up the bay side and back the lake side in a day, but you might not see what you want.  There are several significant stops--Sturgeon Bay Pioneer Village and Mariner's Museum--Ephraim, Fish Boil,  Egg Harbor, very nice harbor view over Grren Bay.  Ellison Bay has a number of art shops, Cana Island Light House--take a hay ride over to the island, Bailey's Harbor has the 'Goats on the Roof'.  There are numerous gift shops and artisans .  You may want to check withe Chamber of commerce in Sturgeon Bay for more info and details.  Renards Cheese shop south of Sturgeon Bay is an excellent source for local cheese. We both enjjoy fishing and usually plan a day for fishing usually on the lake side (mostly Salmon and Trout).

09/26/20 12:27 PM #9243    


Melvin (Mel) Theobald

09/26/20 04:02 PM #9244    

Linda Bristow (Elias)


Happy Birthday!  How is my old neighbor doing?  

Love ya, Linda

09/27/20 03:11 PM #9245    


Melvin (Mel) Theobald

09/28/20 07:30 PM #9246    


Wendy Stephens (Cullen)

A few weeks ago I asked if anyone was noticing the change in the seasons, and we all agreed there were a lot of spiders.  But now we are actually getting a bit of fall color.  Here are two examples in my neighborhood.  I hope to see some from where you all are.

Oops my neighbor's carport is upside down.  But the color is nice.

09/29/20 12:09 AM #9247    


James (Jim) Rookus

WENDY ...Good start to fall... here is the only tree in our yard and in nearby neighborhood that is already turned color!  Fall is upon us!  By the way ... it's a new species.... it's a " sideways tree"

09/29/20 07:53 AM #9248    


James (Jim) Rookus

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUDY ..... reflecting on memories of us on the phone talking to each other in the evenings ... listening to Elvis ... an waving to each other from our windows living across street from each other ... and occasionally watching each other do the twist in our windows to the 60's music of the day!  HAVE a special day as you join the 74 club,

09/29/20 08:00 AM #9249    


James (Jim) Rookus

OPPS ... saw a notice Judy's bday is in 7 days ... didn't pay attention earlier thought was todY ... you have a week to celebrate it!

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