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04/03/20 01:11 PM #7613    


Melvin (Mel) Theobald

Everyone should recognize the "Trotter Fountain" by Lorado Taft in Withers Park. It was created in 1911 and, although it seems different than it did when it stood next to Withers Library, it has never been moved. James Trotter, a former mayor of Bloomington, provided for it in his will to commemorate his family. This photo was taken in 2012, when the fountain was turned on for a special event celebrating its centennial. It has since been cleaned and its water pumps restored.

The second photo is a detail of Taft's "Great Lakes Fountain" in the south garden of the Art Institute of Chicago. In the summer months, I spent many lunch hours sitting in front of it while basking in the sun. It is still one of my secret hideaways and within walking distance of my home.

"Trotter Fountain" 1911 Bloomington

"Great Lakes Fountain" 1913 Chicago


04/03/20 02:28 PM #7614    


David Long

Beautiful Fountains and Memories!


Gotta Love Joan Cusack...


TOMORROW - - - PLACES YOU'VE BEEN AND WOULD GO AGAIN (since the list will be long, let's limit it to 3 pictures per person)


SUNDAY seems a perfect day for being at the BEACH - - - just thinking ahead

04/03/20 06:39 PM #7615    

David Brock

This is a photo of an Albino Sparrow feeding in our our yard most of the winter.  Stands out like a White bird with the other brown sparrows.  David Brock, Edwardsville

04/03/20 09:06 PM #7616    


David Long

Really unusual David, thanks for posting 

04/04/20 09:48 AM #7617    


Sandra Jeakins (Singletary Sizemore)

These donkeys were one of my favorite parts of our trip we took in 2010.  They are at Custer State Park.  They would come right up to your window and want food.  One time a Mom and her baby came up to the window.  The Mom pushed the babies head back so it couldn't get close, but as soon as the Mom turned her head away, the baby came close and stuck her head in.  Just like a kid!  haha

04/04/20 09:50 AM #7618    


Sandra Jeakins (Singletary Sizemore)

I don't think this was that  Mom's baby, because it is so small, not sure if it would be able to look in the window,  but just thought it was a darling picture so I included it. This is also Custer State Park.  That's not a long drive from here so I would love to go back there. 

04/04/20 10:09 AM #7619    


Wendy Stephens (Cullen)

I would go back to Amsterdam, New Orleans, and Paris

04/04/20 11:03 AM #7620    


Melvin (Mel) Theobald

Gee, I thought Dave was going to give us the weekend off. What a task master. Before I forget - which I'm prone to do these days: David Brock, that albino sparrow is amazing. So glad you have joined in on this challenge. In case anyone is interested, any photos posted on Message Forum can be downloaded by clicking on the image and dragging it to your desktop.

There is no end to the places I'd love to see again, including all that Wendy posted. Tops on my list would be Florence, Rome and Venice. However, I've been to Russia 19 times and lost my best friend there last year. If I could choose one place it would be his studio in Moscow or dacha on the Volga River. This is a small sampling of the beauty and culture of Russia that haunt me. These and many others can be seen on my website:

"Hermitage Museum No. 2" 2006 St. Petersburg

""Snow at the Pushkin Museum" 2012 Moscow

"St. Basil's No. 2" 2006 Red Square, Moscow


04/04/20 01:23 PM #7621    


Marvin Theobald

Thanks Dave Long for this great idea to distract us from our temporary confinement. This the best website activity we have had since it started.

Wendy - Thank you for the reminder of the amazing beauty of Notre Dame. It is sooo sad to realize its condition today.

Sandy - The Donkeys were adorable  -  especially the baby. It easy to see why you would want to go back.

It has been very difficult to decide on a photo selection for today given the many great places I would love to revisit.

Thailand was incredible - visited in 2008.

Europe has no limit to amazing places that would be awesome to revisit.

Basilica Sacre Coeur and Eiffel Tower in Paris 2011.

And then there are Pisa and Rome and so many more.

04/04/20 02:05 PM #7622    


Sandra Jeakins (Singletary Sizemore)

Marvin, Thanks for liking my Donkey pictures.  Seems rather dull compared to the pictures others have posted all over the world.  The only other country I've been to is Canada.   I've been to New Orleans, San Antonio, Las Vegas, Florida  and a lot of other states, fishing with Ron.    But those donkeys always stand out in my mind. I have enjoyed seeing the other pictures of diferent countries though, since I'll probably never get to them.   

04/04/20 02:38 PM #7623    


Melvin (Mel) Theobald

Sandy, not at all boring. Your buffalo and donkeys are wonderful. This is an adventure for everyone. What matters most is that you are on it with us. Every morning this week, I've opened my computer wondering what will come next. Hoping you'll get to see Custer State Park again. I talked to Liz this afternoon and she is enjoying everything from the albino sparrow to the canals of Amsterdam. Many thanks to you and everyone else posting. Makes Dave look like a genius even though he can't seem to beat Dorothy at Scrabble. enlightenedheartsmiley

04/04/20 03:02 PM #7624    


Judith (Judy) Winquist (Neal)

This is a place I have been and would go again. HOME!! In the last 186 days I have only been home for 21 days. I have been in NC, TX, CA, and now Florida. With this pandemic I am not sure when I will see this place again. smiley  I have enjoyed looking at all of the photos everyone has posted. Joan P. I have always liked following your humor on FB. Thank you for posting some of it here. Sandy I loved seeing your pictures the buffalo and donkeys. Pictures of animals always make me happy.



The next two pictures are from the Isle of Capri, Italy.  I would love to go back again someday,.but not until after I have been home for awhile.  heart

04/04/20 03:24 PM #7625    


David Long

I toned this picture down by converting to B/W.  We got within 20 feet of this guy and his mate.  That's a wildebeest he's carrying.

We loved our trip to China.  A nurse gave me a pack of surgical masks to take with us when we went over for the pollution in the cities,  The weather was  clear so we gave the masks to our guide when we left - you would have thought we gave her the largest "tip" she'd ever received.

OK, I cheated - this is another China picture - I happened into a photo shoot and this beautiful model posed for me.

This is one shot from our trip to the Holy Land.  No copyright infringement here.  This was taken in Bethlehem.

04/04/20 03:58 PM #7626    


Elizabeth Spillman (Alex)

Once again the pictures are amazing , thanks for sharing everyone....

It was so good to talk to Mel and share Grandkid stories...

Take care everyone and looking forward to more pictures  :)


04/04/20 05:02 PM #7627    


Marvin Theobald

Great pics everybody. I hope Judy gets to return to her home someday. Of all of the places you can visit home is always the best!

Dave - Your model pic touches on one of several themes I have been thinking would be fun. Here are a few thoughts:

  • People of special character, dress, interest,  etc.
  • Free style day - anything goes
  • Cutest pic
  • Funniest pic
  • Favorite pic
  • Best memory with background story
  • Favorite pic of children or grandchildren
  • Favorite politician pic (just kidding)
  • Your most creative pic
  • Your happy place pic

04/04/20 06:19 PM #7628    


David Long

Marv,  Great ideas  Jump in and pick one for tomorrow or Monday in case anyone already has pictures of beaches picked out - I do not - and would jump at the chance to share a picture of my favorite politician.  Will check back in the AM  Have a great evening  



04/04/20 07:54 PM #7629    


Terry (Max) Maxwell

I I I I would definitely go back to Hawaii, Amsterdam, Alaska, and Yukon Terrtories in Canada.

04/04/20 10:23 PM #7630    


Marvin Theobald

"Being at the beach" was the Sunday plan. Let's stick with that. What additional theme ideas do the rest of you have. Maybe we can take turns designating the themes. What do you think?

I will start with Monday's theme.

My Happy Place

Could be your favorite chair at home or a mountain peak in the Himalayas or anywhere in between. What place(s) makes you happy?

04/05/20 08:44 AM #7631    


Terri Baxter (Whirrett)

Ha! Finally got something to load

04/05/20 09:03 AM #7632    


Marvin Theobald

Salina Poolthong, our H.S. senior year foreign exchange student as you may remember, gave me the life long desire to see Thailand. That bucket list item became a reality for me in 2008 soon after I retired. I spent a month there and was amazed at its beauty and culture. It is one of the most fascinating places on earth. The beach pics are a small example of its beauty. If you want to see more of Thailands beaches checkout this YouTube video.

Phra Nang Beach

Maya Beach on Phi Phi Island

04/05/20 09:54 AM #7633    


Wendy Stephens (Cullen)

I have two beaches to offer.  One is in Hawaii looking towards Waikiki from the Diamondhead end.  The other is a beach on the west coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, where we like to go every summer.

04/05/20 11:23 AM #7634    


Terri Baxter (Whirrett)

While I hunt for pics, will just say I am loving the pics and would go back to many countries including China, Tibet, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, and Southern France, and Switzerland.

Of course Italy, we have been there several times. 

04/05/20 12:16 PM #7635    


David Long

There are others and I'll post more later, but here a beach in La Jolla, CA where we spent one Thanksgiving.

OK, just to ADD A LITTLE HUMOR to the pictures - here are some kids walking to the beach in Sweden - 

And finally,  more Fun Stuff - If you look all the way back towards the pine trees behind the boats, there's a beach - you also get the Chicago Skyline.

04/05/20 12:47 PM #7636    


Melvin (Mel) Theobald

For this one, I'm sticking close to home. We may not have palm trees, but the beaches of Lake Michigan are extraordinary.





"Oak Street Beach" 2005 Chicago, taken from Elizabeth Stein's apartment on Lake Shore Drive

"Oak Street Beach Bathers" 2006

"Sunset at Warren Dunes in Sawyer, Michigan" 2007

04/05/20 02:17 PM #7637    


David Long

Mel, Marv, Max, Boo, et. al.,

Your turn to pick a subject or theme for tomorrows pictures.  I'm back to fundraising efforts tomorrow and Dorothy and I have a tee time on Tuesday moring.  Look forward to some interesting ideas.  We need to get Julie Hart into this mix with all her travels.

You know what?  Love you all!

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