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02/07/18 05:56 PM #6585    


Melvin (Mel) Theobald

Thanks Mike. She's an absolute delight. On the subject of reading, I totally got your humor and thought your comments were fun. In some distant post, we had a discussion about what people are reading and I saw your comments as an opportunity to bring it up again. That's why I poked Steve's name in there at the end. He truly is an "avid" reader and, because of his silence on this site, I thought we might be able to prod him.

I look in on Raiders64 every day, sometimes more than once, and always look forward to what you and others are saying. So keep 'em coming. I've got thick skin (and Ears of Corn) and so does Dave or he'd of shot several of us by now. LOL

"Ears of Corn" August 2017 near Danvers, IL

02/08/18 04:00 PM #6586    


Judith (Judy) Winquist (Neal)

   Unfortunately, I did not know Pat well in high school but feel so blessed that she came into my life these past several years, Pat was a very kind, caring, thoughtful individual who will be greatly missed. Her special wit and humor always made me smile. 

   Her memory will forever be with me. Rest in peace, dear friend, until we meet again.

02/10/18 07:32 PM #6587    


Karen Sue (Suzi) Denton (Merritt)



02/11/18 09:57 AM #6588    


Ray Bledsoe

Thanks Suzi, enjoyed the day with grandkids.  Our youngest just turned thirty-six two weeks ago and I told them I was celebrating my thirty-sixth birthday also, for the second time.  They weren' buying it but they still took us out to dinner.

02/11/18 01:08 PM #6589    


David Long

Happy Birthday, Ray!


I don't read the type of tomes that you do, but I'm well acquainted with someone that does.  I asked my youngest daughter for recommendations and this is what she as read in 2017 and really enjoyed:

Games without Rules - Tamin Ansary;  Dreamland - San Quinones;  I Contain Multitudes - Ed Yong;  Popular - Mitch Prinstein; Seven Brief Lessons on Physics - Carlo Rovelli; Lincoln in the Bardo - George Saunders; How the Self-Esteem Craze Took Over America - Jesse Singal

Also, Mel - I really do have a thick skin and big ears, just not as big as yours in that picture...that being said, if it came to defending my family, friends, country, faith - I would bear arms again, BUT, I quit hunting when I got back from Nam as it didn't seem fair to shoot something that wasn't shooting back.  I'll tell you the truth, PTSD is a bummer and coupled with physical pain leads to some very weird and not so good dreams.  Today is a beautiful day in Kansas, the sun is shining, the golf tournament from Pebble Beach is on TV (I've been fortunate enough to play Pebble twice, Spyglass once, and Spanish Bay four times - all on someone else's dime).  Life is Good.

I'm just finishing a good read titled 'Wille Mays Atkins'.  He was a former star for the Royals (George Brett era) that got hooked on drugs, spent 13 years in prison, turned has life around and is back with the Royals as a hitting coach.

All the best, everyone!

02/11/18 03:40 PM #6590    


Melvin (Mel) Theobald

Happy Birthday Ray!!! And Janet (Hitzner) Fries!!!

Dave, so glad you have thick skin and big ears. They both come in handy once in a while. Your daughter's reading list is very impressive. Glad you shared it.

For anyone interested, Ed Stanfield is recovering from a couple of health issues. He was concerned that I might drink his bourbon, so I wanted to assure him I won't, but most of all I want to wish him well.

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone....

02/12/18 06:59 AM #6591    

Michael (Mike) Franks

WOW! I must be the only one in our class that reads pulp fiction, but I love it. Harry Bosch, Mitch Rapp, Virgil Flowers, and Lucas Davenport (among others), have given me hours of excitement and they have kept me guessing. I'd be lost without a book. Yes, I enjoy female protagonist's too. I never could understand how people can sit in front of the boob tube and watch that crap, but what ever turns your crank.

02/12/18 08:51 AM #6592    

Linda Bristow (Elias)

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day too!  I need to run out tonight and buy a little candy for everyone in my building.  I celebrate every holiday that I can! (and....I enjoy it!)

So much for a spouse being the one who cares....................I celebrate for everyone!   I cel3ebrate Groundhog's day too!

Have a great day!


02/12/18 09:21 AM #6593    


Karen Sue (Suzi) Denton (Merritt)






02/12/18 09:23 AM #6594    


Karen Sue (Suzi) Denton (Merritt)




02/12/18 09:53 AM #6595    


Janet (Jan) Hitzner (Fries)

Thank you for the Birthday Wishes, the years seem to be passing by rather fast these days.



02/12/18 09:58 AM #6596    


David Long

Linda - way to go!  Any leftover candy can be sent to Kansas.

We always watch Groundhog Day on Groundhog Day and I watch Caddyshack just before the Masters and Tin Cup just before the US Open.  Puts one in the right frame of mind for 24 hours of televised golf for each tournament.

Is it just me, or is everyone not getting birthday reminders from the website?

02/12/18 12:30 PM #6597    


David Long

Ed - wishing you the best in recovering from your health issues.  Getting old is not for sissies!

As far as bourbon is concerned, do you have a COSTCO nearby?  Their Kirkland brand bourbon is a seven year old and reported to be distilled by Buffalo Trace, 51.5 proof and a lot less expensive than Knob Creek @ 50 proof.  If you're a Canadian drinker, Kirkland brand is Crown Royal and even the bottles are almost identical.. Hope that will help you get back on your feet and up to your favorited bar stool.

02/12/18 04:38 PM #6598    

Linda Bristow (Elias)

Hey Ed:

Get well soon.  I'll put you on my prayer list for tonight!

Blessings to you!


02/13/18 11:31 AM #6599    


Larry Cotton

Good morning everyone,

     WOW! We are all over 70 now. It seems like is was not that long ago that the "new" BHS opened and we all went to the old BHS for Jr. High and meet so many new friends from all of the satlelite junior high schools. Then it was on to the new High School. It is nice to read all of the stories of how our lives have evolved over the years. I will finally retire this year from Yosemite National Park, a place I truely love. I will continue the fight to keep our National Parks for the people as they were meant to be. Jeri and I plan to visit as many of the parks that we can. It is nice that we are both in great shape so we can still hike and enjoy the out of doors. A little thing like stage 4 cancer has slowed me down some, but I am now a 6 year survivor waiting for the day they find a cure. Good luck to all of you who are fighting health related battles. Positive thoughts when they are hard to come by, smiles as often as you can, exercise when it seems impossible, and love all of the special family and friends you have. 

          Happy Valentines Day.......Larry, Jeri,  Teri,Larry,Nick,Melisa,Julius,Felicity,Wil,Rylin,Steve,Toya,Gil,Laticia,Kayla,Cody,Conner,Madison,Ben, Sky,Faith,Joe,Elizabeth,Brian,Tim,Ryder,Juliana and the rest of our kids/grandkids/great grandkids.

02/13/18 12:59 PM #6600    

Linda Bristow (Elias)


Yesterday, in Yahoo, there was a follow-up to Nanotechnology to cure cancer.  It is working.

Give me your email and I can attach the article.  I saved it!


02/14/18 12:35 PM #6601    


David Long

Larry - great to hear from you!  Our favorite oldest daughter spent a summer in the Teacher - Ranger program at Grand Teton and loved it.  Our priest has been undergoing an experimental treatment for his cancer which started out as kidney cancer and metasticized to his lung.  The treatment is conducted in the Caymans as it's not approved in the US, but it involves taking a needle to remove part of the tumor from his lung and doing some magic and then reintroducing it into the tumor and the body then fights it as a foreign body.  It has been working so far as his tumor hasn't grown and has started to shrink somewhat.  Don't know if any of that information is of interest, but I can get the specifics if you're interested.  All the best - you're in our prayers.

02/14/18 02:42 PM #6602    


David Long

Mike - looking at your reading list which pretty well coincides with mine, have you read any of the Daniel Silva books?  Ace Atkins (writes for Robert B Parker  - Spenser series and has some great westerns under his own name)?  Mark Greney (Grey Man series & a couple for the Tom Clancy series)?  Patrick Robinson (big into the Navy Seals and submarine warfare)?  Clive Cussler ( especially the Isaac Bell detective series)?  John Sandford (Virgil Flowers ; Lucas Davenport; Joe Kidd)?

Here's a couple you might like that you've probably never heard of - Troon McAllister (he's written 4 books on golf and one on baseball - all hillarous); Grisham's Playing for Pizza (not his usual lawyer stuff);  Stephen Cannell (the Shane Scully series); and of course anything by Dan Jenkins but especially "You Gotta Play Hurt" which covers all four major sports.

EVERYONE - I think I'll try to restart the:

Book Reading List (that Mel started)

The Movie / Video List with categories

and try to think of other lists that we can use - I find I have a lot of time on my hands right now and until I get carpal tunnel will be spending time in front of the computer.

02/14/18 03:11 PM #6603    


David Long

How about this one to start - 

Name 5 Comedic Movies that You've Seen More than Once and Could Watch Again and Still Laugh

  1. The In-Laws (Michael Douglas version)
  2. The Blues Brothers
  3. Animal House
  4. Caddyshack
  5. Meet the Fockers

02/14/18 06:11 PM #6604    

Michael (Mike) Franks

David, always good to hear from you. I hope that your health is getting better. It sounds like you're staying positive and looking forward to Spring. I appreciate the books/authors suggestions. Some, I'm familiar with I'll check out the others soon. Right now, I'm reading "Two Kinds of Truth", which is a Harry Bosch novel by Michael Connelly. Seems to be a good book.

Take care of yourself. I always look forward to reading the things that you post on the site.           Mike

02/15/18 12:21 PM #6605    


David Long

Since the 5 Comedy Movies was so well received, let's try another one:

5 ROMANTIC COMEDY MOVIES (That DON'T Include Hallmark Movies)

  1. The Wedding Crashers
  2. Trainwreck
  3. When Harry Met Sally (I'll have what she's having.)
  4. Love Actually
  5. The Holiday - and those listed below as ties...
    1. Amelie (in French with subtitles)
    2. Pretty Woman
    3. Bridesmaids
    4. Bridget Jones (1-2-3)

02/15/18 01:59 PM #6606    


Melvin (Mel) Theobald

Geez Dave, I don't want to disappoint you. Fact is, I almost never go to movies, even though TCM is my most watched TV station. As with many other things, I guess I'm too stuck in the past. Special effects have taken over almost every aspect of recent films. As much as I love the visuals, I'm often disappointed in the story. For example, I just saw "The Shape of Water" and left the theater thinking, "OMG, this is like the dumbest story I've ever seen." Then it gets 13 Academy Award nominations. So, here are my lists in the categories you listed. There would be more, but I simply can't remember everything I've seen, nor did I want to duplicate the ones you listed. LOL What's next?


W.C. Fields “Never Give a Sucker an Even Break

Mel Brooks “Blazing Saddles

Jean Shepherd “A Christmas Story

Mel Brooks “Young Frankenstein

Marx Brothers “A Night at the Opera

Romantic Comedy

Being There” Peter Sellers at his best

Bringing Up Baby” Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn are classic

The Graduate” Not the funniest ever, but Dustin Hoffman had some great lines

Midnight in Paris” OK, so it's all about art history, I loved every minute of it

Splash” Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah were perfect

02/15/18 05:35 PM #6607    

Michael (Mike) Franks

Mel, I see that you are familiar with W.C.Fields. Great comedy! Did you ever see the short, where the salesman was looking for Carl LaFong? Classic.

02/15/18 06:32 PM #6608    


Melvin (Mel) Theobald

Mike, I confess, I was a W.C. Fields fanatic. He was a genius. The salesman looking for Carl LaFong was a bit scene in "It's a Gift".  There was a bar in Chicago called John Barleycorn's that used to play his films non-stop. My favorites were "The Bank Dick", "My Little Chickadee", "The Dentist", "The Fatal Glass of Beer", and, above all others, "You Can't Cheat an Honest Man" and "Never Give a Sucker and Even Break".

I'd love to see all of them again. Maybe when Dave's in town, we can arrange to get a group of Raiders together and make that happen. Almost all of them are available on the Internet.

02/16/18 09:25 AM #6609    


David Long

Mel, that sounds like a great plan.  I'll buy the pizza!  As long as it's not on a Friday during Lent.  Our favorite youngest daughter and family are coming in to KC today for the long weekend.  They are inviting some of their friends from HS over (with their kids) and we're ordering pizza.  Today, Dorothy reminded me that it's Friday so no meat.  My mouth was salivating for my typical spicy Italian Sausage, Pepperoni, Banana Pepper, and Black Olive on a thin crust.  Now I'm not so inthused about the food - I mean really, if I wanted spinach and mushroom I'd dump the ingredients into a casserole dish with some cream cheese and sour cream and bake it.  There'd be no need to waste a good crust.

As William Claude Dunkenfield once said:

Attitude is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than what people do or say.  It's more important that appearance, giftedness, or skill.

Guess I need an attitude adjustment.


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